Modern commercially made bread is often made less than two hours from the first mix to a baked loaf. This doesn’t allow for the flavour or beneficial lactic acid bacteria to develop. Nor does it allow for the gluten to break down, which according to research can be a major contributor in bloatedness, wheat intolerance and coeliac disease.

Flour made with modern roller milling technology is significantly less nutritious than stoneground flour. The constituent parts of the grain – bran, the nutritious germ and starchy endosperm - are separated during grinding, whereas stoneground flour is produced by crushing the whole grain, thus retaining the vital nutritious parts.

Our breads are made with organic flour from Shipton Mill and slowly – we mix our doughs during the day so that they can ferment slowly and then rest (or “retard”) overnight in our mammoth bakery fridge before baking fresh each morning. Our sourdoughs start life a day earlier, to allow the wild yeasts in our natural levains to spring into life.